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Simplex - Duplex - Quad - Hybrid - Singel mode - Multi mode - Special - Micropol delivers!

Micropol sells various types of adapter/intermediate parts that are used to connect up two or more connecters. Depending on whether you have Singlemode or Multimode fibre in your network, the adapter is supplied with different types of sleeves, either with Zirconium sleeves (Zr) for Singlemode or Phosphor bronze (Pb) for Multimode, we also have adapters for POF (Plastic Optical Fibre.)


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SM = Single mode MM = Multi mode

SPLX = Simplex DPLX = Duplex

SN = Snap connector FL = Screw fitting

SN/FL = Snap connector & Screw fitting

Zr = Zirconium Pb = Phosphor bronze


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